Bed bugs! Iowa bed bug cases increase!

Pest control companies say they’re seeing an increase in bedbug cases in eastern Iowa.

The pesky, blood-sucking bugs don’t carry diseases but can cause painful bites. They often come out to feed at night and hide during the day in the crevices of mattresses and furniture. Bed bug treatments are common and bed bug sprays help get rid of bed bugs.

Jeff Voss of Voss Pest Control tells the Telegraph Herald that the business already has surpassed the total number of bedbug treatments they completed in 2014. Voss says they have done less than 100 treatments so far this year, but that the figure is “snowballing.”

Operations manager Charles Jones for BedBug Chasers in Marion says the company is addressing more homes and businesses infested with bedbugs every year. So what kills bed bugs and how to treat for bed bugs?

EcoRaider! … EcoRaider is how to get rid of bed bugs

EcoRaider, which kills bed bugs and is effective on all stages of the pest without lingering environmental effects, was named “the most effective bio-insecticide for bed bugs” by Entomological Society of America-published lab data in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

The product carries no signal words or cautions, has no label restrictions or precautions on usage, and is a green product, making it an ideal fit for sensitive accounts and environments where low-impact methods are advised, the company said. It also can be incorporated with other treatment methods such as heat or steam.

EcoRaider is a ready-to-use, naturally derived bio-insecticide that can be applied anywhere bed bugs are found without restriction. EcoRaider can be used in various environments, including schools, health-care facilities and public spaces.

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