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What You Need to Know Before Spraying for Mosquitoes

Published By: DAVID MIZEJEWSKI, DAVID WEBER   |   SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 Hiring a company to spray your yard for mosquitoes will also kill other insects, including bees and butterflies. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than getting out of the house to enjoy nature right outside your door. Whether it’s grilling out with family, doing […]


Same Amazing Environmentally Sound Pest Control Products Under a New Brand Name North Bergen, NJ (February 16, 2021) – The EcoRaider family of plant-based pest control sprays has announced it is rebranding under the EcoVenger® name. Since its launch in 2012, EcoRaider has provided highly efficacious plant-based insect control formulas for consumers and pest professionals […]

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Attack Back’s Rene Gonzalez Uses EcoRaider’s ER-3 to Deliver Green Pest Control of Mosquitoes in Fresno FRESNO, California (Friday July 31, 2020) – At the center of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is home to tough mosquitoes and is regulated by even stronger state regulations on how pest control professionals are allowed to control them. […]

Harness the Power of Nature to Stave Off Mosquitoes This Spring

Springtime means the return of beautiful warm days, landscapes in bloom, and an end to the bitter cold. But with the warmth, rain and humidity also comes the unfortunate return of flying pests, with mosquitoes among the most prevalent and pesky. You want to protect yourself and your family and prevent those itching bites, but […]

Take back your backyard! 

EcoRaider Mosquito & Flying Insect Killer Can Help In many parts of the country we have a limited amount of months to enjoy our outdoor space. Are mosquitoes getting in the way of you spending time outdoors? We can help you to take back your backyard with some tips and tricks and the right mosquito […]

The Ins and Outs of Mosquitoes

What’s all the irritation about? Well, if you live or are visiting a humid and wet environment, truth be told, anywhere except in areas that are permanently frozen, mosquitoes have the potential for infringing upon your daily activities.   But, do not surrender yourself over to these blood-sucking pests so quickly. It might surprise you, […]

Avoid Bed Bugs When Consignment Shopping

Do you just love feel of a comfy old couch or the appeal of the rustic style that only antique furniture can behold? Then you are probably a little like me, and a bit of a consignment and antique junkie.   Unfortunately, some furniture doesn’t always get properly inspected before making its way to the […]

Need help to get your kids back to school?

Things to do: Summer reading list for the kids, Check! Packed away summer clothes Check! Bribed the kids to get them away from the swimming pool long enough to have them try on fall wardrobe, Check! Cashed-in on back-to-school supply sales, Check! Made arrangements for all parent teacher conferences and penciled in the back to […]

EcoRaider is now a USDA Certified Biobased Product

Consumers now have another reason to use EcoRaider – the safest and most effective green bed bug control solution – as the USDA has announced that it has certified the product as Biobased as part of its BioPreferred Program! Being a Biobased product means that EcoRaider has achieved third-party verification as containing renewable plant, marine, […]