EcoVenger® Wholesale Program

EcoVenger® products are backed by science and provide the highest performance among all-natural insecticides. You won’t find another higher quality, more effective, and performance-enhancing product in the industry.

• Trustworthy Performance: EcoVenger®’s effectiveness is proven by both lab and field study, and supported by multiple universities, Pest Control Technology, Journal of Economic Entomology, and USDA IR-4 publications.
• Enhance customer loyalty: EcoVenger® quickly solves tough pest infestations while other products fail. Therefore, EcoVenger® customers are reliable, and loyal consumers. Introduce your clients to EcoVenger® and you can count on continuous, effortless sales. Stop losing clients due to selling non-performing products. EcoRaider gains more return customers with repeat orders.
• EcoVenger® products sell themselves. You will love enhancing your income by offering the eco-friendly but most effective natural bug sprays on the market.
• Customer Euphoria: Both you and your clients will love EcoVenger®. We are committed to making your EcoVenger® experience first class. We don’t just want satisfied customers; we work hard to create loyal, raving fans!

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