People have come up with many ingenious ways to get rid of ants, and to be honest, many of these ways do work. For example, salt and cayenne pepper can be sprinkled in an area where you want to keep ants at bay. Both of these methods can work separately on their own.

Some people also sprinkle flour around the area as flour can repel ants. For those of you who have chalk in your household, you can also break up the chalk and use it to eliminate ants because the calcium carbonate in chalk is a natural ant repellant. Another creative way to get rid of ants is to use double sided tape to cordon off the area you want to keep ants out. The upward-facing sticky tape will then trap invading ants.

However, did you notice that the methods mentioned earlier are messy and you will be tempted to clean up the mess after some time? It is then possible that the ants will come back! The best way to get rid of the annoying ants is to use an ant repellent spray or insecticide.

You need to be aware that many insecticides on the market contain toxic chemicals in them and some of them can even harm humans and pets when ingested in a large amount. Therefore, make sure you use a child-friendly and pet-friendly natural ant repellant such as EcoRaider® so that it is only lethal for the ants and does not pose as a risk for non-target humans and pets.