A simple and easily forgotten method to prevent bed bug infestation is through the use of mattress covers. The premise behind this is simple. One of the commonest hiding spots for bed bugs is within the mattress, particularly if you have a box mattress that has a lot of space within it.

When you use a mattress cover, it becomes impossible for the bed bugs to move from within the mattress to the surface in order to bite you. With time, the number of bed bugs will dwindle due to starvation, despite the fact that they have been noted to live for as long as a year without feeding.

Not all mattress covers have the same effect. If you intend to prevent bed bugs, you should do enough research and buy covers that are ideal for this. It might take some time and you may need to pay slightly more than you would for regular mattress covers, but the extra cost is well worth it.

Some of the qualities that the ideal mattress covers should have include having bite resistance, so that the bed bugs are unable to bite through it to get to the surface. Usually, the mattress covers have zips that are used to secure them in place. The zip teeth should be small; large zip teeth could allow smaller bed bugs to go through them and this will beat the purpose of having the mattress cover in the first place.

The most ideal way to use mattress covers is after you have eradicated bed bugs in other parts of the house, if any. You can use insecticides such as EcoRaider® to get rid of other bed bugs in the house, and then use the mattress cover to seal the rest in for good.