Steam is an excellent tool you can use to kill bed bugs if you have such an infestation. The primary benefit of steam is the fact that it kills bed bugs in all stages of development, from eggs to fully grown adults. As is the case with other bed bug control methods, your rate of success will depend on how you use the steam and the quality of the material you use.

To kill bed bugs, the steam needs to be very hot. Below 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed bugs have a chance of surviving, so the steam produced should be hotter than this. Depending on the fabric you are steaming, very high temperatures may damage the fabric. To this end, it is usually recommended that the steam should be between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, though there are cases where people use steam at 200 degrees Fahrenheit if they are sure they will not damage the surface they are steaming.

When using steam to kill bed bugs, it is important to focus on areas where the bed bugs are likely to hide, such as in cracks and crevices. Patience is also important. Rather than simply passing the steaming device over a blanket or carpet quickly, you should take your time to make sure that the job is done thoroughly.

To increase the chances of success, you can then use another method of bed bug eradication such as the use of insecticides to kill any remaining bed bugs if any. EcoRaider® is a popular choice since not only has it proven to be effective against bed bugs, but it’s also environmentally friendly. It will not leave deposits of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals in the environment, and will not cause health problems for inhabitants of the house in the long run.