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Is EcoRaider safe for use around infants, the elderly, and pets? Is it necessary to vacate either before or after treating with EcoRaider?

Yes! EcoRaider has minimum risk for using around all vertebrates – people, pets, fish and birds. There is no need to vacate either before or after using EcoRaider.

How many treatments do I need with EcoRaider?

If following the instructions properly, one can eradicate the issue with one treatment. But depending on the infestation level and how thorough the first treatment is done, most people might miss some areas or a bug harborage spot that may be unreachable.  If there is still signs of bed bug activity after first treatment,  you can do another treatment or in some case a second follow up might be necessary.

When is the best time during the day to do my treatment with EcoRaider?

You can do your treatment with EcoRaider any time during the day or night, because EcoRaider has a 2 week dry  residual. But in order to maximize product performance, it is suggest that you do a treatment 2-3 hours before or as close as possible to your bed time. Bed bugs are most active during night, especially when you are sleeping and light is out. The best chance to eliminate them is when they are at peak activity and when your EcoRaider dry residual is at its most fresh state.

In any case, we suggest that you should follow the instructions and make sure all areas on the check list are sprayed. This will help to eradicate them faster and more thoroughly even before they come out for next meal.

Will EcoRaider freeze in cold weather? Does freezing affect its performance?

EcoRaider is a water based emulsion which may freeze when temperatures drop below freezing. Simply thaw by placing container in warm water or leave at room temperature. Do not use unless EcoRaider is back to room temperature. Shake well before use. Freezing and thawing will not affect EcoRaider’s performance.

Can I spray EcoRaider directly on my bedding and linens?

Yes. EcoRaider can be used directly on bedding and linens, because all of the ingredients are of minimum risk to people and pets while being in compliance with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards.

Does EcoRaider have any odor?

EcoRaider has a slight natural woody scent from its botanical extracts. Good ventilation will help to dissipate the scent fast. We understand different people might have different opinions on the scent. Based on our users’ review, majority of our customers found the scent acceptable and not offensive, about 5% of customers didn’t like the scent and another 5% were in favor of the scent.

Can I spray EcoRaider into electrical outlets?

Since EcoRaider is a water based solution, it should not be sprayed into or in close proximity to active electrical outlets.

Will EcoRaider damage the finish on furniture or wood floors?

No. EcoRaider does not contain any corrosive solvents or harsh chemicals; it will not cause damage on regular paint or wood finishes. For surfaces of special concern, test on small inconspicuous spot before use.

Will EcoRaider cause staining?

EcoRaider will not cause staining under normal use. However certain naturally derived substance in this product may cause slight discoloration on delicate surface such as silk or certain dark color textile materials, it is recommended to test on small area before the treatment. If discoloration happens, it is removable using household detergent or cleaner.

Why my EcoRaider didn’t work for me?

If you follow the treatment method properly, you should see immediate result of eradicating bed bug infestations.

Your treatment may not work due to below possible reasons:

1) Treatment instruction is not followed properly, therefore bed bug or their eggs were not completely eliminated during your last treatment. This is possible because bed bugs lay eggs in cracks and crevices and you might have missed some spots. In this case, you will need to do a follow up treatment ( we recommend one treatment per week for at lest two to three weeks, for heavy infestations, more weekly treatment is recommended until there there is no longer bitten incidence.) You can find the treatment instructions under product support.

2) Bed bugs could be brought in again. It could be either by yourself, your building superintendent or visitors, or simply because your neighbors in the same floor also have infestations. In this case, not only you should continue treatment with EcoRaider, you should also recommend your neighbors to treat at the same time.