Bed bugs are a notoriously annoying group of pests, and can make life uncomfortable for many. Typically, they come out at night when one is asleep, and then take a blood meal from them since this is what they primarily feed on. The side effect of this is that a wheal is formed, and the area bitten tends to become very itchy. Bed bugs are usually more active at night partly because this is when one is in bed, and the chances of the bed bugs finding a blood meal is higher.

However, this is not an exclusive rule. In a few cases, the bedbugs can also come out during the day and bite an individual close by, either on the bed or sitting on furniture. This is particularly so if the bed bugs have not had a meal for a long time, such as when you have been away for a long time. However, this can be considered to be the exception rather than the rule.

Numerous products have been designed to try and repel the bed bugs, including repellent creams and sprays. However, the vast majority of these do not work, and are essentially a waste of money. The best shot at getting rid of bed bugs is by using a formulation that has been specifically designed to kill them and their eggs.

Products such as EcoRaider® are perfect for this. Not only are they very effective, but the fact that they are environmentally friendly means that they do not do any damage to the environment or to people and pets living in the house.