Ant infestations are commonly noted in homes that are dirty and disorganized. This is because in this state, it becomes easier for them to find food and water, and they will therefore thrive. However, this does not mean that simply cleaning up will give you foolproof protection against an ant infestation. Even in very clean homes, it is not uncommon to see ants infesting the house from time to time.

This can be attributed to many things including the presence of food and water. For instance, if you have a very clean home but store food such as cookies in containers that are not airtight, ants could easily invade the home and obtain their food from such sources. The same can also happen for trashcans that don’t have lids, or whose lids do not fully close.

Therefore, the answer to whether ants prefer clean or dirty homes is not as clear cut as many would expect. What can be said is that ants can invade both clean and dirty households, but they are much more likely to invade a dirty household. Keeping your house clean means that you are less likely to suffer from this problem, but will not be completely immune from it.

If you want to get rid of ants once and for all, you therefore can’t only rely on keeping the house clean. You may need to put in place other measures including proper storage of food, better waste management and controlling the entry points for the ants.