Most people consider the presence of bed bugs as a sign of poor hygiene, but this is rarely the case. In many cases, the bed bugs are simply transmitted from one place to another through various means. One of these is through conduits in walls. If you live next to a home that is infested with bed bugs, there is every possibility that some of them will crawl through some of the spaces in the walls and access your home. This is particularly so if the number of bed bugs in the initial home have become too many.

Some of the conduits they can use include cracks in the wall, electrical and even plumbing conduits. This is one of the reason why an individual can do excellent bed bug removal, only to find that the problem recurs a few weeks or months later. This could be the result of more bed bugs moving from the other home across the wall to your home.

In these cases, eradication of the bed bugs once and for all normally requires a team effort. It might be necessary to consult with your neighbor, and to come up with a collaborative effort to get rid of the bed bugs. If not, you could even talk to the apartment manager, who could then fumigate the entire apartment block to completely get rid of the bed bugs. If you can identify conduits such as cracks in the wall through which the bed bugs go through, you could also try to seal them to prevent further movement of bed bugs.