When we are talking about bed bugs, one of the issues that usually arise is whether or not they are contagious. To answer this question, the meaning of the word ‘contagious’ needs to be clarified first. In medical circles, the word ‘contagious’ refers to a situation where a disease can easily be passed on from one person to another usually through direct contact, coughing, exchange of body fluids and so on.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, are pests rather than diseases, and there is little evidence to show that they spread any disease. For this reason, they cannot be defined as contagious. However, it’s very easy for them to be passed from one person to another, which is why the confusion with contagiousness initially arose. The easy transmission of bed bugs from one person to another is one of the main reasons why we are witnessing a resurgence of bed bugs when they were at the brink of eradication.

Several measures can be taken to prevent the spread of bed bugs from one person to another. These include avoiding sharing of personal items such as towels and clothing, as well as making sure that clothing is thoroughly washed and preferably dried in sunlight to kill the bed bugs. The use of insecticides such as EcoRaider® in a home infested with bed bugs kills them, reducing the chances that one of your family members will transmit them to other people.

In summary, bed bugs cannot be said to be contagious, but it’s very easy for them to be transmitted from one person to another through contact.