While ants have a reputation for being fierce biters, especially red ants, it is important to know that not all species of ants are as aggressive as they are perceived to be. Although some ants may choose to put up a good fight when attacked, biting and stinging with all their might, others prefer to avoid danger and run away.

Certain species of ants, such as fire ants and bullet ants, have extremely painful bites that might require immediate medical attention. These ants bite/sting at the first signs of aggression, so it is wise to avoid these ants if possible. Sugar ants, on the other hand, are mild-mannered and only bite when directly attacked. They also do not release formic acid, which makes their bites more painless than that of their more aggressive counterparts.

Also, not all ants that belong to a particular subspecies bite. Queen ants, for example, rarely venture out of their nests, spending almost all of their time reproducing. Worker ants tend to be the more aggressive ones of the bunch, always ready to defend their territory against attackers.

Not all ants bite. But in the event that you encounter ants that do, their bites may be uncomfortable at best, or trigger an allergic reaction at worst. It is probably best to play safe and use an all-natural insect repellant that is safe for both children and pets to keep yourself and your loved ones free of ants. EcoRaider® is an excellent choice for an effective, yet gentle ant repellant that contains no harmful chemicals.