It is a known fact that ants are most likely to invade a home if it’s not clean, since this means that the sources of food are abundant there. However, there are many incidences where you could keep your house spotless, but still notice an ant invasion from time to time. This can be very frustrating, since you may have spent a lot of effort in keeping the house clean.

There are several reasons why this occurs. First, you have to understand that in addition to looking for food, ants also invade homes when seeking water and escaping weather changes. If their natural outdoors habitat has a lack of water, they may then invade homes to find more of it. In addition to that, ants could invade homes as a mechanism for fleeing adverse weather conditions such as very dry and hot weather or even floods. With global warming becoming more of a problem every day, this may become a bigger problem in future.

If you live in a house which is attached to another such as in an apartment, the ant invasion could simply be a spillover from one of your neighbor’s homes. For instance, if they have a less than hygienic home where ants thrive, their numbers could quickly rise, and some of them may then spread out to avoid overpopulation.

If your house is spotless but still has an ant invasion, the two important things you can do are to use a reliable and natural pesticide such as EcoRaider® to get rid of the present ants, as well as sealing the entry points you have noted.