The commonest mosquito control method in areas where the insects are endemic is through the use of chemical sprays. This is because these sprays are easy to use, and also easily available in most places. If you are interested in using them to get rid of mosquitoes and also happen to be an environmentalist, the issue of whether other animals being affected by the sprays might pop into your mind.

Most of the time, this depends on the type of mosquito spray you use. High quality ecofriendly mosquito sprays such as EcoRaider® are designed to target mosquitoes and a few other insects and plants as well. This gives you the confidence to use the spray since you know that no other animals will be harmed in the process of using the spray.

One example of collateral damage that can be done using conventional mosquito sprays is humans. If you spray a whole room in order to get rid of the mosquitoes, you may find yourself developing an allergic reaction to the spray even after it has dissipated. In addition to that, the smell could also be irritating.

Other animals that might be affected are those that eat the mosquitoes. For instance, DDT was used to control pests in the past. However, the problem was that it used to get passed on to other food chains. Mosquitoes that had DDT were eaten by bats in large quantities. In the process, the bats then end up developing high levels of DDT in their blood, which is dangerous for them. In summary, the sprays can affect other animals other than mosquitoes, but careful selection can reduce the collateral damage.