Mosquito bites are one of the commonest reasons of death, particularly in third world sub Saharan countries. This is because most of the time, the bites spread malaria, which is a killer disease if not treated properly. If you live in a malaria endemic region or are planning on travelling to such an area, you may want to know how to protect yourself from the mosquito bites. There are a number of ways of achieving this you can try out.

One of these would be to use a mosquito repellant cream or spray on the parts of your hands, feet and face that will be exposed. These types of products need to be safe, and you should be sure that they are not harmful for your skin. Most of the time, the organic ecofriendly products will be most ideal for this.

You also need to cover the exposed parts of your body using clothing. It has been found that brightly colored clothing tends to be most ideal for this, since it ensures that the mosquitoes don’t have anywhere on your skin to land and take a blood meal.

When sleeping at night, always take the precaution of sleeping under a mosquito net in order to prevent the mosquitoes from biting you. There are some that are even medicated, ensuring that any mosquito that lands on the net will end up being killed instantly. These are just some of the methods you can use to reduce the incidence of mosquito bites, particularly if you are in a malaria endemic zone.