Ants comprise a large percentage of the earth’s total biomass, and have more than 16,000 species. If your house is invaded by them, it may seem daunting to identify the species due to these facts. However, it’s usually critical to have a basic understanding of which species you are dealing with.

By knowing the species of ants invading your home, you will be in a better position to devise a method to get rid of them permanently. This is because different species of ants have different characteristics and behavior. Once you have used a product such as EcoRaider® to get rid of them, you will also need to put in place measures to ensure that they don’t invade your home again.

This is where knowing your ant species will be most critical. By having a rudimentary knowledge of the ant species and their unique behavior, you can then come up with preventative methods that act specifically against that particular species. In addition to that, knowing the ant species will influence your approach to them. For instance, if you identify fire ants in your home, you would immediately know that they are dangerous. You and your children would therefore be advised to have no contact with them.

Finally, since different ant species have different nest establishment methods, knowing the ant species will make it easier for you to know where to look for the nests when eradicating them. This will make the process more thorough. Neglecting this could raise the risk of a recurrence.