The answer is yes. In the great circle of life, almost everything is part of the food chain. The abundance of ants means that they are an excellent source of food for many other creatures, including birds and other insects. Sparrows, wrens, antbirds and flickers are just a few birds that chow down on ants. Some of these birds also engage in the practice of anting, which involves rubbing crushed ants under their wings to serve as an insecticide or fungicide.

Spiders, though not technically insects, eat ants as well. Many a clueless ant has fallen into a spider’s web, becoming a tasty treat for the spider. For us humans, spiders serve an important role in the ecosystem, as they feed on organisms that we would usually consider pests.

Ants are in fact one of the greatest predators of their own kind. Fire ants are known to devour other fire ants, while certain types of ants like army ants prefer to consume the young of other ants. The larvae of the antlion also prey on ants, as is evident from its name. These young larvae seize their prey and paralyze it with venom before tucking in. Antlions are particularly welcome in situations where ants are seen as pests.

This is why we should always opt to use safe insecticides or repellants that are free of harmful chemicals. The insecticides and repellants from EcoRaider® are child-safe and pet-safe, and certainly does not do any harm to the birds and beneficial insects that enjoy a good meal of ants.