Outstanding Performance

•  Best performing natural bio-insecticide
•  Proven by USDA IR4 PHP Program study
•  Reported on Journal of Economic Entomology
•  Leading universities tested and verified.
•  Recommended by top pest professionals.

Fast, Effective and Lasting

• Eliminate 90% bed bugs within 1 hour.
• Fast kills pesticide resistant “super bugs”.
• Kills adults, nymphs and eggs all inclusively.
• Immediately cuts down biting incidence.
• Dry residual provides extended protection.

green&safeEco-friendly and Non-Toxic

•  Water based botanical formula.
•  Natural and organic active ingredients.
•  Safe to spray indoors or outdoors.
•  Safe to use around children and pet.
•  Green, sustainable and bio-degradable.

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Bed Bugs: Field Demo Video

Video: Demo of how to  get rid of bed bugs with EcoRaider.
Video: Presenting EcoRaider at PestWorld, Oct. 2015.
Video: Science behind EcoRaider

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EcoRaider, Draws Rave Reviews at Public Housing Conference

The Public Housing Authorities Directors Association, held its annual convention in Las Vegas and EcoRaider was a central figure since it is widely used by public housing executives from around the country.

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How does EcoRaider compare to other bed bug products?

Entomological Society of America published journal article comparing bed bug products. EcoRaider is the only natural product that causes 100% mortality of bed bugs among all tested.

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“Have a Bed Bug Plan Before You Have a Bed Bug Outbreak”

Interviewing Robert Landry, the Executive Director of the Glens Falls Housing Authority, situated on the eastern edge of New York, 60 minutes north of Albany and three hours north of Manhattan.

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Scores in USDA Field Study

USDA IR4 Public Health Pesticide Program evaluated method for eliminating bed bugs in public housing. EcoRaider rivals the top professional synthetic pesticide in overall bed bug reduction amount.

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