Adult bed bugs are usually visible as flat, brown ovoid insects with six legs. They are wingless and their size can be estimated to be that of an apple seed. When fed, they usually become more rounded, and their abdomen usually has a red tinge on account of the blood they have ingested.

Typically, bed bugs come out of hiding at night to take a blood meal, and will scurry along fast when you switch on the lights. For this reason, some people usually don’t see them, or only see one or two at most and assume that the bed bug infestation is minimal. This is usually a wrong interpretation.

Immature bed bugs are usually translucent in color, and much smaller than the adult bed bugs. The younger they are, the smaller they are. In some cases, their very small size means that they require perfect eyesight in order to be seen. The bed bugs eggs are very small; usually equated to the head of a pin. They are usually black in color and collect in several dark, hidden spots in furniture or around the house.

Remember that seeing even just one bed bug, whether adult or young, does not mean that you don’t have nothing to worry about. This is usually an indication that there could be other bed bugs all over the house. As a result, you will need to take measures to eradicate them, and this could include the use of special, eco-friendly insecticides that are effective against them such as EcoRaider®.