Mosquitoes are considered the number one insect killer in the world, since they have the ability to spread malaria. This is why a lot of effort is being put into either getting rid of the mosquitoes or getting vaccines for malaria. However, one fact that most people don’t know is that the vast majority of mosquito species don’t take blood, but are actually more active in the daylight and survive on nectar.

The few mosquito species that spread malaria take between 0.001 to 0.01 milliliter of blood in each meal. This means that even if you are bitten by a large number of mosquitoes, the blood loss is likely to be insignificant. Despite the fact that the blood meal involves a low volume of blood, it is the transfer of parasites from the salivary glands of the mosquitoes to the human body that causes malaria.

Another fact that most people do not know is that not all bites result in malaria. One will only get malaria if the mosquito that bit them had the parasite in its salivary glands. However, as it’s not possible to know which mosquitoes are infected by the malaria parasite and which ones aren’t, it’s best to simply avoid getting bitten.

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