If you are having a problem with an ant infestation in your home, chances are that you will try out different methods to get rid of them. One of the commonest methods people use is to use a spray to kill them. However, there are increasing reports that most of the sprays are not working. If you spray the ants and they keep moving, it could mean a couple of things. One could be that the spray is not meant for ants, and the other could be that the ants are resistant to the type of spray you are using.

However, you should not lose hope if the spray you use is not effective. There are a number of other ways to kill the ants you can try out. One of these is to use products from EcoRaider® to get rid of them. The EcoRaider® ant spray is made up of chemicals that are specifically directed against ants, so you could switch from the current spray to the EcoRaider® spray.

The main benefit of using this spray is that it is ecofriendly, so you don’t need to worry about it affecting pets, children or other organisms apart from ants. When using this affordable spray, you may also need to find the ant nest, so that you can spray this region too. The ant nest could be considered the ‘base’ for the ants, since all their activities surround the nest. Once you use the spray here, chances are that you will have gotten rid of them for good.