Carpenter ants are some of the most common types of ants in the United States. There are 14 species of carpenter ants in the country, and they are also the largest ant species known. The fact that they are called carpenter ants might confuse many people to think that they eat wood. However, carpenter ants actually feed on sources of sugar and proteins.

Some of these include other living and dead insects, pet food, syrup, jelly, sweets, honey and honeydew. They are known for foraging at night, mostly between sunset and midnight. When foraging, the carpenter ants can travel up to 90 yards.

The reason why carpenter ants got that name is due to the fact that they prefer to bore into wood to form their nests. Once they bore into the wood, the wood chips are then discarded rather than being eaten by the ants. As time goes by, the carpenter ant tunnels become bigger and longer. The wooden structure they bore into will then become weaker, and they are responsible for collapse of large wooden structures.

This means that if you spot one, it would be in your interest to find the nest and try to use a tried and tested method to get rid of them. EcoRaider® is an ideal ant carpenter ant deterrent. This is because it is all-natural, and has been formulated to directly get rid of carpenter ants and other species of ants. Doing this early will reduce the risk of structural collapse of wooden structures.