Carpenter ants are a legitimate nightmare for homeowners. Unlike other species of ants that build their nests with soil, carpenter ants prefer to build their homes in pieces of wood. If your home is made of wood, a carpenter ant infestation can prove lethal as these ants create countless tunnels as they burrow in and out of wood. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants merely burrow through the wood instead of eating it. A telltale sign of carpenter ant infestation is the presence of wood shavings.

The first step in treating a carpenter ant infestation is to first identify the species of ants you have in your home. Carpenter ants are a nondescript black in color and have few features that are able to distinguish them from other species of ants. It may be wise to hire an expert to determine that you are indeed experiencing a carpenter ant infestation, so as to quickly choose the best course of action possible that is specific to the problem.

Minor infestations of carpenter ants can be handled with a small amount of sugar water and boric acid, while more major infestations that have already caused significant damage may require professional pest control to step in. Meanwhile, choose a safe and natural insecticide such as EcoVenger® to nip infestations of carpenter ants in the bud and save your precious home from a lot of potential damage.