Identifying that you have bed bugs is an important skill and one that cannot be overlooked. Identifying a bed bug infestation early on will give you the chance to get rid of them before they proliferate to a level where getting rid of them will be a major problem. There are a few signs that could indicate that your home or other area is infested by bed bugs.

The most obvious is noticing them in bedding, clothing or other material. Bed bugs have a characteristic flat shape and are brown in color when not fed. When fully fed, they are round and reddish in color on account of the blood they have ingested. Bedbugs tend to be fast, and usually come out of their hiding holes at night. If you notice one during the day, you should assume that there are many more hiding within the nooks and crannies in your bed, furniture and other parts of the house.

Having itchiness when asleep or when you wake up could also be a sign that there are bed bugs in your bed. A bite from a bed bug will induce an allergic reaction that will result in the formation of a wheal which will reduce with time. When you are bitten multiple times, it may become difficult for you to have quality sleep since you will keep waking up to scratch yourself after a bed bug has bitten you. You may also see dark, tiny spots on bedding and on furniture as well as in cracks and crevices within the bed. These are bed bug eggs.

Once identified, immediate action needs to be taken against the bed bugs. Using eco-friendly insecticides effective against bed bugs such as EcoRaider® is one of the more effective solutions.