In order to get rid of a pest in your home it is important to be able to correctly identify the problem. Bed bugs are small wingless bugs with six legs. They are oval in shape; their shape is often described as similar to an apple seed except that the bed bug is relatively flat.

Bed bugs have a rbed_bug_sizeange of colors. A bed bug nymph is a nearly colorless white. As the nymphs mature    they slowly change color from white to brown. Adult bed bugs are brown, however, as a bed bugs feeds on blood it turns from a regular brown to a rusty red-brown.

Bed bugs are small. The average adult bed bug is a quarter of an inch long and is about the width of a credit card. A newly hatched nymph can be the size of a pinhead. Both the nymphs and eggs of a bed bug are so small it is hard to see them without the use of a magnifying glass.