Foggers are one of the many do-it-yourself methods of getting rid of bed bugs from homes. They are essentially sprays that release a toxic mist which is meant to kill bed bugs within a room or home. Before using them, it is usually necessary to evacuate the home, since the mist might need to be in place for some time for it to be effective. People are also usually advised to cover their beds and have their laundry thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any bed bugs or eggs that might have embedded in them.

The reviews for bed bug foggers are at best conflicting. There are some people who say that they are effective, and others who see no change after using them, even after following the instructions. One of the common complaints is that the foggers do not affect the bed bugs in tiny crevices, which is where the majority of bed bugs hide when they are not out for a blood meal. This means that even after using it, you may still come back to a home that has a few bed bugs which will multiply rapidly. In addition to that, different brands have been shown to have different efficacy as well.

To avoid the confusion and wasting money, it’s usually best to use bed bug control methods which have a good reputation, and which have reproducible results. Insect sprays such as EcoRaider® are made to be used on bed bugs and other insects, and are therefore effective. They would be an ideal solution to such an infestation. Working with a high quality exterminator is also highly advised if you are stumped about what to do and don’t want to waste money.