Ants are industrious members of the ecosystem. Their constant activity helps to reduce pest populations, improve soil quality and clean the environment, among other benefits. In this way, ants are indispensable allies to us humans.

Farmers will appreciate that ants help to keep pest populations low by preying on the eggs of these organisms.  Ants also help to improve crop yield and quality indirectly by contributing to better soil. Ant tunnels aerate waterlogged soil and help to distribute nutrients by giving the soil a good stir.

Park rangers may recognize that ants help them a great deal in keeping parks clean and free of animal carcasses. In huge national parks, it is impossible for park rangers and other workers to keep a constant lookout for biodegradable waste such as animal carcasses and leftover food. This is where ants come in. With their uncanny senses they are able to locate food, and work in huge teams to swiftly break down huge amounts of food/waste matter which they then transport back to their nests to consume.

It is thus evident that the rest of us benefit indirectly from the work that ants do silently. The crops we consume, the parks we enjoy – all of these can be attributed in some way to ants and their hardworking nature.

So sometimes, while ants may be annoying, it is not necessary to completely annihilate your local populations of ants. Opt for a safe, natural insect repellant such as EcoRaider®, to keep these ants out of your home rather than kill them.