Sometimes, getting rid of an ant infestation can be difficult. Once you have successfully gotten rid of an ant infestation, chances are that you will not want to deal with the problem again. There are several methods you can use to prevent the infestation from recurring. This will not only be cheaper but also offer better peace of mind.

The surroundings of your home can have an influence on the risk of ant infestation. When doing landscaping, using plants that repel ants such as chrysanthemums and citrosa will not only make your home more beautiful, but will also ensure that ants never get within a few feet of your home. Repellant plants also ensure that the ants will not form nests around the compound of your home.

Keeping your house clean is important in preventing infestations in your home. Ants infest homes in order to get food that will keep the colony going. Keeping your home, particularly your kitchen, clean will ensure that they are denied of this food, and will prevent an infestation. Keeping your trash cans properly covered and clean should be a daily habit.

Making sure that cans of sugar and bottled syrups are tightly closed is also important, since these are the items that most ants target as food. As part of cleaning up your kitchen, making sure that any spills of sweet liquids such as juice are cleared as soon as possible will also ensure that the ant infestation will not occur. Destroying the ant colony and making sure the queen is gotten rid of is also important in preventing re-infestations.