Mosquitoes are the single most prolific vectors for diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and numerous other viral and bacterial infections. Preventing mosquito bites through wearing of clothes that will cover skin is an excellent way of preventing mosquito bites, and thus stop the cycle of infection. To be effective, the clothing needs to be moderately thick; most mosquitoes can bite through very thin clothing so it won’t protect you if it’s all you wear.

Making sure that the clothing covers all parts of your body is also important. Of course, this may not be possible in all cases, such as when you are travelling in an area with many mosquitoes. One can cover parts of their bodies they can with the relevant clothing, and then apply eco-friendly insect repellant sprays and creams on the rest of the body to repel the mosquitoes. This provides maximum protection from mosquito bites

Covering exposed areas of your body combined with other measures dramatically reduces the chances of being bitten by the mosquitoes. Spraying the room with eco-friendly insect repellants such as EcoRaider® is an excellent idea. The fact that the spray is eco-friendly means that it will not do damage to people and pets residing within the homes.

Individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma tend to have exacerbations of such conditions when exposed to pungent and toxic insect repellant sprays. EcoRaider® does not have this feature and is safe for most people and can therefore be used with confidence.