Most homeowners will have an easy time knowing that they have an ant infestation in their home, by simply seeing the ants moving in a single file from one place to another. However, there are times when this may be easier said than done, and you may need other methods to determine this. In addition to seeing the ants moving in single file, there are several other signs that indicate that your house has been infiltrated, and that you need to start planning on how to eradicate them.

One of these is the presence of an ant nest. Ant nests can be thought of as the headquarters of the ants, and are usually located on your lawn just outside the house. This is where the ants take the food from your home. The typical ant nest appears as a mound of earth that may or may not have a few ants around it. You may also notice numerous ants going into and out of the mound. Ant nests can also be small piles of dirt, normally located in dark quiet places of the house. These are usually more difficult to see unless you check thoroughly.

Some ants leave a trail of pheromones and other chemicals on the surface on which they walk. This usually acts as a guide for other ants, so that they can follow the same route to a source of food. For some ant species, these trails are visible to the human eye. Finally, you may notice a lone ant walking on the floor or other surfaces. This is usually a sentinel ant that surveys the area for food and water. If you see one, chances are high that there are many other ants in hiding somewhere around your home.