The main reason why bed bugs are so difficult to kill using chemical methods is due to the fact that they easily adapt to these chemicals. For this reason, a lot of time has to be spent to come up with the right chemical formula that will definitely kill them without making them develop resistance quickly. However, they have no ability to resist physical methods of extermination such as freezing and heating. Freezing bed bugs to death is a relatively novel idea that works well when used correctly.

The basis behind freezing bed bugs to death is the fact that by freezing them, the chemical reactions in their bodies slow down and eventually stop. These chemical reactions are necessary for generation of energy which is necessary for processes such as moving around, growing and digesting food. When they are frozen to a point where none of these chemical processes are possible, the bed bugs eventually die and can’t develop a mechanism to resist this.

Freezing bed bugs to death is ideal when the bed bugs have infested items such as bedding and clothing which can be put in a freezer easily. Of course, furniture including beds and sofas can also be frozen, but this would require using large freezers which might be impractical.

For optimal effect, the temperature needed to kill bed bugs should be at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The items should be kept at this temperature for at least four days for you to be assured that the bed bugs are dead.