Most people view bed bug eradication as a complex problem, and would rather not deal with it at all. In such cases, the next best thing is to make sure that you never have to deal with the problem at all. There are several measures you can take to prevent bed bug infestations, most of which revolve around making sure that they are not introduced into your house in the first place.

If you have kids, chances are that they may pick up bed bugs in areas such as camps, boarding schools or other areas where they interact with other kids for a long time. If they come back home and let their clothing and other items get into contact with your furniture, bed, carpet and other fabrics, the bed bugs could transfer from their clothing to your house. Policies such as having all their clothes washed in hot water as soon as they arrive might help in killing the bed bugs and their eggs before they have a chance to spread.

Bed bugs are also commonly picked up from areas of accommodation such as hotels. If you travel and intend to stay in one, make a point of checking the bedding for the presence of bed bugs, or signs of their presence. These could include dark spots on pillows and blankets which indicate their eggs. If so, you could either decide to visit a more hygienic hotel, or ask the concierge to change the room for you so that you can get a cleaner one.

You should also keep an eye out for even the slightest presence of bed bugs in your home at all times. Even if you see just a single bed bug, you should pull out all the stops to make sure that the entire room or house is treated to eradicate them before they multiply exponentially.