Most people who are usually interested in finding the most effective way of preventing bed bug infestations are usually those who have tried different methods with various degrees of success. If you are interested in getting rid of the bed bugs once and for all, you will need to have a radical approach towards solving the problem. The most important thing is understanding that bed bugs are very hardy, and will withstand most interventions that would kill other insects including insecticides.

There are several tried and tested methods of bed bug control which will definitely get rid of bed bugs when used correctly. One of the most effective of these is heat treatment. This involves heating bedding, clothing or even an entire house to high temperatures (usually above 160 degrees Fahrenheit) for as long as 60 minutes.

This damages the proteins making up the bed bugs, as well as damaging their eggs. In this way, the adult and young bed bugs will be gotten rid of, and there will be no way for progeny from the eggs to mature. This has to be done in all areas of a home where bed bugs are likely to be, as well as any clothing or bedding that is likely to be a hiding spot for bed bugs or their eggs.

Insecticides are a favorite for many people when it comes to insect control. When dealing with bed bugs, not just any insecticide will work. You will need to read the label and make sure that it has been designed with bed bugs in mind. An example of this is the eco-friendly EcoRaider®.