When planning on how to control mosquitoes, it is often important to known the mannerisms of the insects as much as possible. One important characteristic is when they are most active. It is important to know when mosquitoes are most active since this will then give you an idea of how to strategize to minimize their effect on you.

Mosquitoes spread many diseases, including malaria. Making an effort to avoid being bitten by them is therefore well worth it. It will reduce your cost of healthcare, and may also have a positive impact on days missed from school or work due to mosquito-related illnesses.

Some illnesses can also be very severe and lead to death depending on the demographic involved. For instance, when pregnant mothers get malaria, they are very likely to miscarry and lose the baby. In the process, they could also die due to complications such as uncontrolled bleeding.

There are more than 176 species of mosquitoes in the world, and each has its own characteristics regarding activity. However, most are usually most active during the dusk hours, the first few hours of the night. This is when they are most likely to bite someone and transmit diseases such as malaria and Dengue fever.

This basically means that to protect yourself and your household, you may need to make sure that all windows and doors are closed before this time, so that they have no means to get into the house. If you regularly use mosquito repellants or sprays, you could opt to use them at this time as well, since this is when these products can protect you the most.