Mosquitoes. There are more of them than there are of us. 100 trillion pesky,
irritating, and disease-ridden parasites, and they’re coming to “suck your
blood.” Why not? Summertime is prime-time, dinnertime- we humans are their nourishment,
our blood keeps em’ multiplying.

And this
summer is not an exception to the mosquitoes barrage. Yup, once again, they are
all the buzz. Not a good buzz. Thank goodness that EcoRaider is the ultimate
buggz kill!

The Mosquito
3 in 1 Spray is an all-natural and non-toxic spray that repels and kills those
nasty mosquitoes on contact. It contains a pleasant citrus aroma that will not
offend the senses.

As kids, we
know the drill; mom sprays us down with toxic repellents, creating a lethal and
sticky force-field of stinky protection around our little vulnerable bodies. If
only the safer and the more environmentally friendly EcoRaider, was available
in those days. It’s long-lasting protection would have freed up more play time.

has a smooth feel on the skin, is excellent for treating bites, and doesn’t
make you feel all icky.

are the best thing you can do stave off mosquitoes. Of course, there are many
other things you can do to reduce mosquito bites. Wear bright and tightly wound
clothing, reduce your use of scented perfumes and soaps, and drink more water.

indoor and outdoor fans is another great way to blow the buggers off. The 3 in
1 spray comes with a garden hose attachment to make spraying the perimeter of
the yard and/or garden easy.

The fan will
act as a helpful companion to the repellent to keep the pests at bay.

Make sure to
direct the fan downwards, mosquitoes fly close to the ground to avoid wind. And
they’ll be goners before they know what in the gust, happened!

I’m quite
sensitive to bites but refuse to limit my outdoor activities in the summer. I
like to jog and swim. Sweat and water attracts mosquitoes. Good thing EcoRaider
is portable.

I make sure
to spray myself before a run and keep that bottle handy should I end up
enjoying an afternoon at the lake with friends.

I must
emphasize, stear clear of stagnant water sources. Ponds or tiny lakes at the
neighborhood park are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you have a kiddie
pool, lawn toys that routinely remain outside, and fixtures like bird waiting
pools, make sure to wash and spray EcoRaider regularly.

Save your
money, avoid purchasing armbands and anklets. They just don’t work.
Implementing the tips from above, along with spraying EcoRaider, will eliminate
mosquitoes from your home and your leisure.

EcoRaider helps you enjoy nature in the best possible way.